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2014 choogles on...

Greetings amigos y amigas! Been awhile since I posted here, but hope everyone who sees this is in great health and humor.

Been writing a lot lately and planning to get back into the studio soon to finish up the record I started last year. Big things on the horizon in 2014. Got some solo shows planned out, some full-band stuff in the works and always searching for the next melody and lyric to put with it.

By the way: Chili When It's Chilly 2014 was a blast and a half! There's more about it here as I've been trying my hand at blogging as of late. 

Stay tuned!!!



Campfire pickin' at Chili When It's Chilly 2014. Photo by Mandy Meador

New Live album out now

The new album, Live at the Pine Knot, recorded live at the Pine Knot Music Co-Op in Nacogdoches, Texas this April, is now available digitally on CE's Bandcamp site and soon on iTunes and all the other digital retailers. CE also has some physical copies available at shows. Throw some cash (or a couple of rounds of Shiner) his way and you, too, can own one! You can download it here:

Artist Q & A with Chris Edwards
"He is one of those songwriter guys though that you should know. I had the opportunity to catch him acoustic a couple months back at Billy's Ice as part of the Radiofree Texas spotlight artist. The Radiofree Texas guys and gals do a weekly artist showcase that they broadcast out to anyone who listens in. These spotlights happen every Tuesday night. At 8pm if I am not mistaken. What struck me about Chris that night was his songwriting and the fact that he reminded me of one of my favorites Steve Earle." [Read More...]
Under the Radar: Chris Edwards
"On his hard-to-find (well, not if you have iTunes) but well-worth-it debut album, Chris Edwards sets the table for what will hopefully be a long career by introducing listeners to his grasp of lyrical detail, emotional intimacy, and regular-guy relatability. It’s an imaginative, poetic world that Edwards writes in but it’s brought nicely down to earth by his spare meloides and wry, raspy-but-full voice. Staking out musical ground somewhere in the neighborhood of Texas folk singers like Sam Baker and Slaid Cleaves, Edwards has all the goods to be a subtle standout once his music gets beyond the handful of friends and ground-floor fans who’ve already heard him. Here’s more on him from the guy himself." [Read More...]
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