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Long Hard Ride
Chris Edwards
Album Cover
Released: Sep 30, 2008
Label: Turmic Records
Track Listing
1 Flaxen Memories
2 Quandary Towns
3 Rainy Summer Blues
4 Boy From West Texas
5 Stuck in the Middle
6 A Song Yet to be Sung
7 Where I Wound Up
8 Same Place I Landed
9 Tyler County Line
10 Teetering
11 Nothin' Better
12 To a Sunset

Liner Notes

All songs written by Chris Edwards, except "Nothin' Better" by CE and Sara Stewart and "To a Sunset", lyrics by Mary R. LaSalle.

Produced and engineered by Chris Edwards at the Davis St. casa.

All instruments and vocals performed by CE.

Special thanks to Shiner Bock and Kentucky Deluxe.

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